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Manush Nagari (Sindhi Poem) PRE - FACE 1

This is a long poem of Human Quest in Sindhi, by Prof. Namdev Tarachandani. Voices are given by Radio Personalities Sunita Mohnani and Roshni Rohra.Direction by Drama Personality Dr. Prem Prakash. Different parts are based on different master minds of humanity. Published Books in Sindhi ( Arabic) in 2011 and in Sindhi ( Devnagri) in 2013 with 30+ appreciations.Full Scripted text also available here.


Manush Nagari (Sindhi Poem) VEDAANT 2


Manush Nagari (Sindhi Poem) GEETA 3


Manush Nagari (Sindhi Poem) MAHAVIR 4